Interdisciplinary Tai Studies Series


Vol. 20

Tai peoples in China




Guest Editor for Vol. 20:

Zheng Xiaoyun

Academy of Social Sciences, Kunming, Yunnan, PR China



this volume is dedicated to the memory of Cam Trong (Kham Thong)

who was the pioneer in Tai studies in Vietnam




    3                                                     editorial



    5      Somsonge Burusphat 
and Zhou Guoyan    An Introduction to the Kam-Tai
                                               (Zhuang-Dong) peoples IN CHINA

  33     Fan Honggui                         ETHNIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN
                                               ZHUANG, DAI, LAO AND SHAN:
                                               From a Customs Perspective

  46     Zheng Xiaoyun                     A NEW PROBE INTO THE ORIGIN OF THE
                                               TAI ETHNIC GROUP AND ESTABLISHMENT
                                               OF A TAI CULTURAL ZONE

  52     Oliver Raendchen                TAI ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY:
                                               tau tae tching or lao-tse (The Right Path)

  67     Liu Zhi                                    TAI-THAI:
                                               Formation through a Cultural Diversity                                          

  74     He Shengda                         HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT
                                               OF THE THAI AND THE DAI AND THE
                                               CHALLENGES THEY ARE FACED WITH:
                                               A Macro Comparison

  82     Gordon Mathews   and
Leshan Tan                           THE COMMODIFICATION OF DAI IDENTITY

  91     Dao Chenghua                     HOW CAN THE TAI NATIONALITY OF
                                               YUNNAN ACHIEVE DEVELOPMENT IN THE
                                               CHINA-ASEAN ECONOMIC INTEGRATION?

  97     Zheng Xiaoyun                     WATER CULTURE AS ETHNIC TRADITION
                                               AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF
                                               THE TAI PEOPLES OF CHINA

109     Tiamjit Puangsomjit             THE PUYI IN SOUTH CHINA AND IN
                                               NORTH VIETNAM

119     Lin Chaomin                         ABOLITION OF THE SYSTEM OF THE TAI
                                               HEREDITARY HEADMEN IN YUNNAN

136     Pan Yanqin                           Long kiu, MARRIAGE AND ANCESTORS.
                                               An examination on a rite of passage of the Tai 
                                               in Guangxi

148     He Shao-ying                        AN EXPOSITION ON THE FUNERAL RITE
                                               AND VIEW OF SOUL OF THE TAI IN JINPING

159     Roger Casas                                    SOME REFLECTIONS ON THE INFLUENCE
                                               OF TOURISM AND ECONOMIC
                                               DEVELOPMENT ON THERAVADA BUDDHISM
                                               IN XISHUANGPANNA (Sipsongpanna)   

172     Ai Juhong                              TAI WATER CULTURE AND RESIDENTIAL
                                               A Case Study at Manlongle Village, Mengla  
                                               County in Xishuangbanna

182     Pan Yanqin                           FROG WORSHIP OF THE ZHUANG

188                                                    Grand Songs of the Kam Ethnic Minority

189     Liang Quanwei                     The Loss of Dong Culture      



                                                           conference report

190     Oliver Raendchen,             Tai studies conference, Kunming     040904
Zhou Ya     
Roger Casas

                                                           book presentation

194     Oliver Raendchen               Karsten Krüger:
                                                Exotic Landscapes and and ethnic border zones -
                                                Chinas’s national minorities in film

198     Oliver Raendchen               Jennifer E.T. Took:
                                               A NATIVE CHIEFTAINCY IN SOUTHWEST CHINA.
                                               Franchising a Tai chieftaincy under the
                                               tusi system of late Imperial China

201     Oliver Raendchen               Grant Evans, Christopher Hutton,
                                               Kuah Khun Eng (eds):
                                               Where China meets Southeast Asia.
                                               Social and cultural Change in the border Regions

202     Jana Igunma                        Jane Puranananda (ed.):
                                               The Secrets of Southeast Asian Textiles.
                                               Myth, Status and the Supernatural

204     Reinhard Hohler                  Sai Aung Tun:
                                               History of the Shan State from its Origins to 1962