Interdisciplinary Tai Studies Series


Vol. 19: Women and Gender in Tai Societies


Guest Editor of this volume: Cholthira Sadyawadhna




this volume is dedicated to the memory of Gehan Wijeyewardene



    3                                                     editorial



   5       Cholthira Satyawadhna       THE FEMININE TIME AND WOMEN’S SPACE         

 12      Barbara Watson Andaya    LOCALIZING THE UNIVERSAL:                                

Women, Motherhood and the Appeal of

Early Theravāda Buddhism

 44      Monica Lindberg Falk         THAI BUDDHIST NUNS’ SOCIAL                         
                                                           ENGAGEMENT IN PROCESSES OF           
                                                           RELIGIOUS CHANGE 

 51      Bernard FORMOSO            TAI WOMEN IN THE EUROPEAN TRAVELS’                   

ACCOUNTS OF THE YEARS 1860-1890       

 61      Fang-Tzu Yen                       ON THE SEXUALITY AND REPRODUCTION   
                                                           OF THE KAM PEOPLE

78       David B. Wangsgard           GENDER RELATIONS AND MASCULINITY    

                                                           AMONG THE NUNG FAN SLINH:                  

                                                           Rethinking Gender Equality in Southeast Asia   

IN THAILAND                         

121     Cholthira Satyawadhna       THAI-BUDDHIST LEADERSHIP AND

                                                           MUSLIM GRASSROOTS WOMEN IN THE        
                                                           WAR ON ‘TERRORISM’:
                                                           The Southern Thailand Crisis

130     Virada Somswasdi              THE POWER OF LAW AND WOMEN'S                
                                                           PRESENCE IN THE THAKSIN ERA

142     Virada Somswasdi              LEGAL CONTRADICTION ON ABORTION       
                                                           IN THAILAND                                                          

146     Chanokporn  Angsuviriya    IDEOLOGY OF FEMININITY IN                             
                                                           SATRISARN MAGAZINE

156    Linda S. McIntosh                COMING OF AGE: Phuthai Women and
                                                           Textile Production in Laos

160     Phiulavan Luangvanna        ON LAO FEMALE WRITERS                               

163     Ning Phupasuk                     ON THE FEMALE IN LAO RITUAL AND       


165     LUONG Thi Thu Hang          BLACK TAI WOMEN IN VIETNAM AND
                                                           THE PRESERVATION OF CULTURAL

                                                           IDENTITY DURING THE DOIMOI PERIOD         

183     Abigaël Pesses                   WOMEN ABILITIES.                                     

                                                           Feminism and the Ethics of Sustainable
                                                           Development among Karen Highlanders

presentation of research projects                    

197  Kanokrat Yossakrai                COMMUNITY POWER AND INTEGRATION FOR “SUFFICIENCY ECONOMY”: Cases of Buddhist, Muslim, and Akha Communities in Thailand

200  Pakdeekul Ratana                  IMAGES OF “NORTHERN WOMEN”                  
                                                           IN THAILAND IN THE 19th CENTURY


                                                           book presentation

202  P. Askerud and                       Anders Poulsen                                             

        R. A. Engelhardt                      CHILDBIRTH AND TRADITION IN
                                                           NORTHEAST THAILAND: Fourty Years of   

                                                           Development and Cultural Change.           


book reviews

205  Jana Igunma       (in German)   Carol Ireson-Doolittle/Geraldine Moreno-Black

                                                           THE LAO. Gender, Power, and Livelihood

207  Jana Igunma                            Susan Conway                                                  

                                                           THE SHAN: Culture, Art and Crafts

210  Roger Casas                           Andrew Turton and Volker Grabowsky (eds.)
                                   THE GOLD AND SILVER ROAD
                                   OF TRADE AND FRIENDSHIP

The McLeod and Richardson Diplomatic Missions to Tai States in 1837


                                                           film presentation              

212  Cara Mertes                            SACRIFICE (director: Ellen Bruno)            


conference presentation

214                             - BREAKING THE BONDS                                                061124

  Unravelling the Myths of Southeast Asian Historiography
  A Symposium in honor of Barend Jan Terwiel                     

215                             - Thai Language and Literature, BKK                   061110

217                             - Chiang Hung, Yunnan                                            061005


                                                            future conferences

217                             2nd Intl. Lao Studies Conference                           070503     


218                                                    selected bibliography                     


224                                                    scheme

“Tai Culture” or the baan-müang system