Interdisciplinary Tai Studies Series

TAI CULTURE is an international academic publication that is dedicated to the study of the culture and history of Tai peoples. This publication series deals with Tai peoples in various geographic regions such as Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Assam, Thailand, Cambodia and China. TAI CULTURE was initiated by SEACOM southeast asia communication centre Berlin in the year 1996 as a journal that was published twice a year until 2002. In 2003 we decided to publish TAI CULTURE as a series. This new form is more flexible to respond to certain events like conferences or research projects.

TAI CULTURE presents articles written by experts on history, anthropology, sociology, arts, comparative religion, linguistics, literature, economy, education and other fields of inquiry. Topics vary from historical reflections to problems of modern life. Texts are mainly written in English; in some exceptional cases also in French and German. For more detailed information, please have a look at the


To read selected articles from various volumes, please feel free to browse through the


The issues, generally, are dedicated to a special theme, as for example religion, community rights, law, administration etc. Therefore, the editor aspires an intensive co-operation with guest editors from different disciplines. Authors and guest editors are invited to produce a special volume of TAI CULTURE series at any time, this may be your own monograph of common interest to Tai studies, or consist of the results of your work as a guest editor in compiling a special volume together with many authors. Please use this opportunity to publish and distribute your works at low price (no cost for you) under the name of the prestigous institution of TAI CULTURE Series.
Guest editors and researchers interested in contributing in the journal with their own articles, book reviews, and translations from Tai languages should CONTACT the editorial board via e-mail, or directly at

SEACOM southeast asia communication centre
General editor: Oliver Raendchen
Fischerinsel 1 (Box 1307)
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