Study trip "Old settlements of Siamese people in Malaysia", February 2011

Organised by Walailak University, Nakhon Sri Thammarat

Photographs by Oliver Raendchen

Buddhist monastery with new buildings and over-size nagas, at a Siamese village in Kelantan province, Malaysia
German-Thai study group with Oliver Raendchen visiting a couple in the Siamese village, Kelantan province
Siamese man nearly 100 years old in the village
A villager is sculpturing a statue for the local monastery.
Meeting an old Siamese woman near the new monastery who was ready to reply to jokes.
Siamese grandmother clutching her chicken beneath her house.
A plough behind the house similar to that among other Tai groups in Assam, the Shan States and Laos.
Rice barn beside a living house in the village.
Local Tai pattern of basketry found in items for everyday use.
Local Tai pattern of basketry.
Wooden house of the village headman.
House of the village headman.
The new Buddhist monastery which marks the center of the village.
Scenes around the new Buddhist monastery.
Chinese style Buddha pavilion at the new monastery.
Lord Indra's pavilion at the new monastery.
Ganesha's pavilion at the new monastery.
Phra Malai pavilion at the new monastery.
Gigantic Buddha statue at the new monastery.
Monk's quarters at the new monastery.

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