Southeast Asian Literature in European Languages

SEACOM's Series for SEA literature translated into European languages is published non-regularily with the aim to present fine Southeast Asian literary works, which were not yet translated into a European language. The series can be ordered directly at SEACOM or via Booksellers worldwide with the ISSN 1434-3215.

Volume I / Band 1
Jana Igunma
Lotoskerne. Buddhistische Märchen
aus Thailand und Laos.

SEACOM Edition, 2006
Volume II / Band 2
Oliver Raendchen (ed.)
Siang Miang.
Ein laotischer Schelmenzyklus.

SEACOM Edition, 1997
Volume III / Band 3
The curious journeys of Phra Malai.
A Buddhist legend re-told from Thai manuscript paintings by Jana Igunma

SEACOM Edition, 2016

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