SEACOM Cultural Events

"Bronce drum, Kris, and three-headed Elephant."

Day of Southeast Asian Cultures, 29 Sept. 2001, Berlin

Photographs by Iris Krüger

The day of Southeast Asian Cultures with the title "Bronce drum, Kris and three-headed Elephant" took place in Berlin, Club Spittelkolonnaden, as part of the 3rd Asia Pacific Weeks. The aim was to present some fine examples of SEA cultures and arts to the public of Berlin, and to bring together young artists and sport teams from SEA countries, who are living in Berlin. Highpoints of the day were classical dances from Thailand and Laos, a Sepak Takraw competition with Lao and Thai teams, and classical and religious music from Vietnam. During the whole day, exhibitions of handwoven textiles from Laos and of paintings by a Kurdish-Australian artist were shown.

Welcome to the
Day of Southeast Asian Cultures.
A Thai classical dance artist.
Southeast Asian, German and American guests from Berlin and the country Brandenburg attending the Day of Southeast Asian Cultures at Club Spittelkolonnaden, Berlin.

A young Laotian student showing some examples of Shotokan Karate.

Shotokan Karate presentation with life drum music from Laos.
Discussion of cultural topics during breaktime.
In the background paintings of an Australian artist.

Thai classical dance.
The Laotian and German entertainers,
Vixounnareth Ratpho and
Oliver Raendchen,
explaining the typical Southeast Asian basket ball "Sepak Takraw".

Warming up for a Sepak Takraw competition.

Young Sepak Takraw player from Thailand.

During the competition. A Laotian team against one of the two Thai teams.

The three teams.
Alex Koenig during his lecture and slide-presentation on the "History and Development of the City of Singapore".

Finest Thai and Indonesian cuisine for guests and participants.

The Thai cook was very busy with Saté, Tom Yam, Thai curry, Gado Gado etc.

Vietnamese-German band.

Vietnamese singers presenting Christian
and peace songs from Vietnam.
Closing ceremony of the day.
The participants enjoyed Lamvong dancing with live Lao music and Karaoke singing.