The SEACOM Art Collection

Collection of Modern Art for Culture Exchange at the SEACOM Südostasien-Gesellschaft Berlin, Germany

SEACOM with its headquarters in the very center of Berlin, Germany, is a private research and culture institute that for 15 years successfully undertook extensive research projects of social and anthropological studies on the cultures of Southeast Asia. The main activity of this institute is conducting scholarly culture research and the publication of the results. SEACOM sees art as one of the important interlinked cultural factors in human societies. Since a few years now, one activity of SEACOM is to gradually create a Collection of Modern Art for Culture Exchange. Another branch of the collection is on Asian art and handicraft.

The Modern Art collection already grew due to some purchases and also gifts from interested painters. The concept is to choose high quality works of art from a variety of themes, genres of modern art and among artists from Europe and North America for creating a many-sided exhibition that is thought to be shown at various places in Asia successively. This is meant to provide a broad reflection on European culture landscapes, showing also different approaches of the artists, as an offer to Asian people to draw comparisons and possibly get inspired by some ideas.

The SEACOM Art Collection welcomes donations from artists and all kinds of support from interested people to encourage the acquisition of paintings, framings, transport, exhibitions, etc., in the future. Sponsoring will, of course, be mentioned in detail at the exhibitions and also permanently at our internet presence. The curator of the SEACOM Art Collection is Oliver Raendchen who holds a MA in Southeast Asian Studies. Contact:

Artists whose works are already in the SEACOM collection

Helden Bendis (D); Emilia Boiadjoeva (Bulgaria); Claudia Borchers (D, Vietnam); Jutta Maria Clemens (D); H.-D. Geyer (D); Erika Hahn (D); Gabi Hanner (D); Karlisima (El Salvador; USA); Roman Kharevsky (Ukr); A. Korelov (Ukr); Marianne Pladeck (D); Kathrin Preuss (D); Eliza M. Schmid (Österreich; USA); VORT (USA).